The purpose of a Daddy God’s Love Tea Party is two-fold.

First, we want to pour out the love of God on young girls until their hearts are so overwhelmed with His love that gratitude and thanksgiving are birthed within them igniting a passionate heart of worship towards the Lord. 

We love Him because He first loved us.”  
1 John 4:19.


Secondly, we want to promote healthy eating in a positive atmosphere of the love of God rather than a negative atmosphere of restriction and denial. 

“...of every tree of the garden you may freely eat”   Genesis 2:16. 


As Christians most people understand the importance and beauty of the first objective of worshipping God, but often we don’t realize the importance of healthy eating.  The Bible is full of talk about food.  Look at the first sin—food.  Look at the feasts and fasts and dietary restrictions of the Law in the Old Testament.  Even throughout the New Testament there are many references to food and appetites.  Jesus’ 40 day fast at the start of His ministry.  His mention that certain deliverances cannot come without prayer and fasting.  The Last Supper, Communion, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  Food is an important topic of the Bible! 

Unfortunately modern day food has become so corrupted.  Refined sugar and flours, food colorings, flavorings and other chemical additives, corrupted oils and grains have caused so many health problems that even our children are suffering from obesity, attention deficit disorders , digestive problems, food intolerances, allergies and many other health problems.  This is not normal!  This is not how God wants His people to live.  We need to be wise as serpents and pay close attention to what we are consuming. 

At a Daddy God’s Love Tea Party, we want the girls to experience God’s love and we want to have healthy food—lots of it.  An abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and yes even healthy sugar-free, natural desserts.  In fact, especially  healthy desserts because we often feed our kids right but then “reward” them with horrible “good” tasting desserts.   We need to re-define “good” and accept God’s definition of it.  Everything He created was good!